Fake Gurus Vs. Ranked Affiliate

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Fake gurus are uploading videos on YouTube faster than you can say, “snake oil.” What is a fake guru? A fake guru is someone who deliberately deceives, overpromises, overcharges, and underdelivers. They continuously seek sales and upsells to enrich themselves without concern for their customers.

How can you spot a fake guru? Fake gurus promote fantasy lifestyles, including luxurious homes, sports cars, and high-ticket goods. They do that to demonstrate they have “made it” and are worth the investment. Fake gurus tend to partner with questionable platforms, such as ClickBank and ClickFunnels. It must be something about the word “click” that acts as bait.

Anti-gurus analyze the activities and claims of potential scammers. Also, they do a tremendous service to the business community by reporting on fakes so that fewer people get screwed.

What Do Customers of Fake Gurus Get?

Customers get overpriced courses that sell for hundreds to thousands. Furthermore, the information that students get usually falls short of the amount paid. For example, one jet-set “millionaire” sells his affiliate marketing “system” for $997. However, multiple reviewers give the course a failing grade.

How Ranked Affiliate Compares

Ranked Affiliate provides education, instructor support, and private coaching (for an additional fee). Members also get new program listings monthly. Instead of charging excessive fees, Ranked Affiliate charges a one-time fee of $19.

Your instructor, Chad Tennant, is a trustworthy and active affiliate marketer with years of experience and a platform to prove it. He’s not a fake guru out to swindle newbies and vulnerable people for a few dollars, hundreds, or thousands. Additionally, Chad doesn’t mislead people with phony income reports, PayPal screenshots, flashy items, or rented cars/mansions.

Ranked AffiliateFake Guru Inc.
Instructor supportYesDepends
Private coachingYesDepends
New program listingsYesNo
Price$19 (one-time)$497 to $997, or as much money as the fake guru can get from you